Worthless Creation
Friday, April 20, 2007


Waaa ... help me ... I can't sleep ... grrr .... what's wrong with me ... grrr .... *Leans here* .... *Leans there* ... *thinks of sleep* .... still I cannot sleep ... grrrr ....

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sadness Burst

Do you ever get the feeling that you feel very lonely for such a moment? Well, I did a few moments ago.

Yesterday was a very busy day for me, for I was covering my officemate who's not around the office. I thought that the day would be so slow, but it turned out that there had been many projects sent. It's a good thing that Big Brother Ben spared me for the morning so that I can rest (and attend a badminton session - but too bad I missed it). So I slept at around a quarter near 12 noon and woke up at 3:30PM. Jeremy's with me at home (and by the way I haven't mentioned that Jeremy's my only companion in the house after the other three are gone with their new lives). He went out to have a massage with Mitch - so minus one folk at home equals to me being alone. I just played and played and played Warcraft, but then inside me I feel so empty. I called home and talked with mom (even though she's trying to remind me of my phone bills), and I called Rhendy and had a small chat. After those calls, still I did felt that I am so empty. My officemates came along (and brought along a bottle of tequila) and invited us to go to a Jamaican nights event, but I refused because I don't like such events. A few left, had talks up until 2AM, and after that we adjourned for the morning. All are now asleep except me, sitting infront of my PC and browsed the Internet while listening to Tracy Chapman songs. I still feel the emptiness inside.

This morning, I tried a new game (I just downloaded Last Chaos - a new MMORPG game addiction). I was reminded that I have a project that's due this week, but then I am in no mood of doing it. Good thing Peter asked me to play DOTA in GG Client, and we played and we won 2-0. After that, I am now back to my geekazoid mode. Jeremy and Mitch went out to the city after watching Paquiao won over Solis (and I can say that it's a dry game). So now I am left alone at home - still feeling so empty.

Then I thought, how can I be empty if in my heart I still have Someone who's awesome enough to cleanse and purify you? Then I came to realize that if I will just fix my eyes on Jesus I will be overjoyed. Loneliness is just something that will taunt you to slack around.

Well that's all. I am just babbling here. I don't have any place to go, 'coz I need to finish this project of mine.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Let There Be Light

Without electricity, there's no way you can charge your cellular phone (unless you have an extra battery at hand)
Without electricity, there are no ice-cold drinks in your refrigerator.
Without electricity, you cannot iron your clothes (unless it's battery operated)
Without electricity, it's very hot without a cooling system (unless you'll use a hand fan)
Without electricity, there's no way I can post an entry like this.

OMG!!! This day was totally a wreck, because we got disconnected. But then I already paid our bills. Darns! I paid an extra 50 Php just for a reconnection fee.

So a lesson I have learned: Don't rely much in paying your bills later than the due date, for there will be a case you'll forget it and the next time you'll remember it will be the day that you'll be disconnected.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Music And Lyrics Mania

Hello all!!! WOW I was speechless for almost 3 months!

Anyways, I just want to share something. I have watched Music and Lyrics twice already (and it was really nice). Lyric writing is indeed hard, but then you just need to have an inspiration for it to pop out in your head. Just like writing poems, you really need to motivate yourself also, or else everything would go to a waste.

These are the things (some of it I intend not to post but many people knew) that happened to me for the first quarter of 2007 (actually it's still the first quarter but ...):
  • I was promoted as a shift manager - the good thing is I can now do some other stuff which I wanted to do for the company because I only need to "supervise" the group
  • I had been in the hospital 4 times (from palpitations to vertigo to ear problems to heart problems to shoulder dislocations) - the bad news is that my leave credits are now gone and I have to wait for June for it to be refreshed
  • Valentines day was a very blooper in my life ... for I was to attend a "Hawak-kamay" event spearheaded by VCF Cebu but then I dislocated my shoulder by 3PM when I got home from work - the bad news is I promised them that I will be there and I missed it and my friends who were supposed to be there came in our home and helped me out with my injury
  • I was in Manila from February 16-19, but then many of my plans were busted. The bad thing was that I was just spending for nothing - but then I was very thankful for Bob and the gang in their place for the warm welcome
  • I am still a 220-pound monster, and I am attending to gym classes and I did go to a nutritionist (which happened to be just near home) to check on me - the good thing is I have learned to control my "diet" sensation
  • My heart is still as stubborn as it seems - and the bad thing is that I have lost those who are really so dear to me
And of course, "Don't write me off" by Hugh Grant inspired me to make a poem to someone that I don't want #6 above to happen again.

I can hear music around and I can formulate lyrics in my mind
When I see this lady around - vibrant, elegant and with a face so kind
I always wished that if only I can be with this lady until the day that I will die
Because I feel that I cannot sieze the day when this lady will always bid goodbye

But then because there's a contradiction of Horace in my life
I am pulverized because of this feeling of loneliness and strife
Doing anything just to help me rid of thy heart's dismay
I am wrong because I will always remember what happened last May

So for this beautiful lady that gave music and lyrics in my abode
There had been many things about you that I can write as an ode
Above all I am really thankful to thy Amazing One above
For someone who's vibrant, elegant and with a face so kind that I can express of my love

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year

It's a happy new year ... new life (alcohol-free and nicotine-free) ... new suits for me (my officemates are kinda stunned at me wearing a formal attire) ... new responsibilities (my boss will be here to stay with us for the next two years) ... all of these makes me happy 'coz starting now I will not be bored anymore.

The only bad start that I have now is having a poor Internet connection. I cannot play Rappelz anymore (because I am way behind in leveling). I hope the connection will be back to normal ahead.

And oh, the new blogger is way to cool!

Again, happy new year to all!!!!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Goodbye 2006

Before anything, I thank my Awesome God for all the things He has done for me .... from a worthless life to a purpose-driven life.

Two days more and then we are now to increment our year. I'm not yet to post here my "resolution list" 'coz I'll be waiting for New Year's day to do it (at least that maybe if I start my year right I might be able to post articles on a daily basis - I hope).

For this year, many things came in my life .... be it bloopers or not. This year really was a challenging one. I had made a good testimony for my life, and many were amazed at it (and some feel bad at it). I am now attending VCF (Victory Christian Fellowship) services and even join small group meetings with my newly found friends in VCF. I now barely join drinking sprees, and I got rid of the nicotine and caffeine addiction. Thanks to many people also, I am doing my best to live a healthy life.

Happy holidays everyone, and for the next two days, it will be a Boom Tarat Tarat for all!!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Decemberfest, But A Disasterfest For Some

For a very good reason I will not be posting my Bohol escapade pics and as well as our paintball fights for November.

So the air now crisps for December, in which people are preparing for gifts, thinks of food and celebrations, and reunions as well. In this month also, the 13th month pay will be given (and hooray I'm waiting for it).

I just saw the news and I feel sad about Albay because of "Bagyong Reming" leaving behind casualties in the area. As of now, almost 300 lives are lost, and there are many that are still missing. Many households are broken down, hoping they could start a new life and still feel the goodness of the season of Christmas.

We hope that the government will tend for this disaster. I think the NDCC's trying to do something about this, and we hope that everyone will be catered. Let us all pray for those people affected, and we pray that they will be in good hands.

"If one of your countrymen becomes poor and is unable to support himself among you, help him as you would an alien or a temporary resident, so he can continue to live among you." - Leviticus 25:35